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A.I. Potopalsky

Anatoly Potopalsky

Director of Institute of Health Promotion
and Rebirth of People of Ukraine,
Director of Charity Fund "Healer given by Heaven",
The head of department of Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics
of NAS of Ukraine,
MD, senior lecturer,
Honoured inventor of Ukraine,
Professor of European Academy of Human Problems


Award of the International Academy of Sciences and Higher Education

The New Methods
of Spiritual and Molecular-genetic Foundations
of Human Health improvement and Environment protection

A new scientific direction, discovered in 1959 and worked out since by A.I. Potopalsky, is aimed to achieve a directed improvement of natural biologically active substances' structure and obtain preparations rendering healthy both people and environment on molecular and genetic levels. Original preparations of antitumor, antiviral (including anti-AIDS), immunomodulating and anti-radiation action have been obtained in the Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics of NAS of Ukraine and in the Institute of Health Promotion and Rebirth of People of Ukraine, the ways of their influence use on biological processes in medicine, veterinary and agriculture have been developed. The best known of these preparations are amitozyn and izatizon, protected by author's certificates and several international patents.

Recommendation of Dr. A.I. Potopalsky for complex rehabilitation, treatment and prevention of malignant and benign tumors, viral and immunoaggressive diseases

Products are manufactured under the brand of "Dr. A.I. Potopalsky" Certificate for a trademark and service # 109425

Please refer: To the 60th anniversary of the creation of amitozyn


Public hearings -2009

We recently received letters from specialists who addressed to the STB channel after the show "I am ashamed of my body" on 11/15/2020 and 11/22/2020

  The letters are available below and may be important for the specialists and for those who are not indifferent to the terminally ill people.

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Letter from T.V. Vygovska to STB Channel
Ph.D., Associate Professor of Khmelnitsky University of Management and Law

Author's translation

Good morning, dear editors! Please help to contact the creators of the program called I am Ashamed of My Body. It is extremely important for me to share with them my impressions regarding the program aired on November 14-15 and its continuation on November 22, 2020. Among other stories, it features a story of a woman, who currently suffers from severe breast cancer, and the program accuses a doctor and a world-known scientist, Anatoly Potopalsky.

Dear editors! Let me remind you that when preparing a program where a person is accused of unprofessionalism and called a swindler (!), you should give the floor to the other party to present their case. Have the rules of Ukrainian journalism changed so much that you can just “fulfill orders” and not be ashamed?

The story was about a woman who has been treated for years with only one drug – Іsatizon (invented by Dr. Potopalsky and his colleague) for severe breast cancer and still remains active and optimistic. And for some reason, the authors blame Dr. Potopalsky for her not being cured, instead of blaming the health care system of Ukraine, which is in such a desperate state that a woman in the early 21st century in an independent European country can afford neither outpatient nor inpatient treatment of a serious illness.

Indeed, she cannot expect any help in the now-a-days municipal cancer center with her meager pension, if she could hardly afford paying about UAH 100 for her granddaughter’s test. To treat breast cancer today, one needs to spend not just thousands, but hundreds of thousands UAH! Where can an ordinary pensioner get this money? Her children, too, obviously cannot help her. Therefore, she is treated by what is available to her and what actually supports her life. So why the program shows her as a backward fool?

Maybe it would be better for the program’s editor to learn more about Isatizon and its benefits. This is especially relevant in the days of Covid-19 pandemic. You will be grateful for the new information.

In the meantime, I would like to invite the STB editors to get acquainted with the feedback of patients from all over Ukraine about the system of rehabilitation and treatment developed by Dr. Potopalsky, to support which President Yushchenko once promised to allocate UAH 10 million hryvnias.

Customer reviews regarding Dr. Potopalsky’s method of treatment:

Open letters of A.I. Potopalsky to the STB TV channel

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