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In response to numerous questions about the behavior of users of the health-improving system of Dr. A.I. Potopalsky "Spiritual and Molecular-genetic human health improvement and environment protection" during the quarantine period announced by government, we inform you that from March, 17 to the present time, among employees, volunteers and all like-minded people of our legal structures: the Institute of Health Promotion and Rebirth of People of Ukraine, Charity Fund of A.I. Potopalsky "Healer given by Heaven" and public associations: "Fraternal Rehabilitation Community of Ukraine - Joy to GOD" and Charity Health Improvement Group of Ambitious Benefactors - GIFT to GOD, who maintained the quarantine and the system of Dr. A.I. Potopalsky, no cases of coronavirus were identified.

Those, who adheres to the system of Dr. A.I. Potopalsky, have resistance to viral diseases, including coronavirus.

One of the most powerful defenders against this virus is the drug izatizon in all its forms (natural, aerosol, suppositories) and with all methods of administration (aerosol, orally, rectally).

Its prophylactic effect lasts for 10-12 months after its application.

According to the latest data from the laboratory of experimental chemotherapy of viral infections of the State Institution L.V. Gromashevsky Institute of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases of the NAMS of Ukraine", the drug izatizon on the model of coronavirus turned out to be an effective and promising remedy. It effectively inhibits the reproduction of coronavirus in an experiment with a breeding index of 32.25. This rate is 15-20 times higher than the established criterion for promising antiviral agents.

Considering the mechanism of Izatizon antiviral action, this drug will be effective in mutant forms of coronavirus, which may appear in the future.

Therefore, we call on all like-minded people to calmness and thoughtful use of our healing system together with the constant use of folk remedies proven by thousands of years: garlic, onion, wild leek, echinacea, celandine, parsley, dill, linden blossom, calendula, St. John's wort, willow-herb, plantain herb, primrose, lungwort, wormwood, Nepeta glechoma, lemon balm, sweet cherry, juniper, periwinkle, heather, elecampane, lingonberry, black elderberry, currant, wild rose. Preparations from aspen, laurel, viburnum, willow, birch, ash, and pine trees are also promising. Herbal mixes can be purchased at pharmacies.

We call on all like-minded people to use savingly each Izatizon's portion. Regardless of the period of manufacture and storage, the drug retains its activity.

At the same time, we ask you to stock up on a complex of medicinal plants with antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and immunoregulatory effects.

Directorate of IHPRPU, Charity Fund "Healer given by Heaven",
public associations "Joy to GOD", "GIFT to GOD"

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